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white wines

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  • Rheinriesling 2011

    Rheinriesling 2011


    Wine of golden-green colour with high viscosity. A pure and intensive aroma of linden flower, citrus fruit and acacia honey. Herbal tones of oxalis and wild flowers. A juicy citrus fruit flavour, mainly of grapefruit. Impressive crisp acidity with a gentle spicy ending. Long-lasting aftertaste. Wine of a great aging potential.

  • Rheinriesling 2013 semidry

    Rheinriesling 2013 semidry



    A dazing, “cookie” riesling with garden fruit aromas. These vary from kerosine, honey to orange peel and spices. A harmonic, full-bodied and lush flavour entwined by yellow fruit. A delightsome wine with a long aftertaste and rare aging potential.

  • RUMIN 2008

    RUMIN 2008

    A captivating blend of Traminer and Pinot Gris. Fresh wine full of fruit and spice aromas (lemon, pear, roses, spice) and tastes (linden honey) with harmonic acids and residual sugar. Attractive citrusy taste with notes of honey.

  • Sauvignon 2007

    Sauvignon 2007

    Trockenbeerenauslese, sweet

    A brilliant wine of a beautiful golden-yellow colour with rich aroma of ripe fruit and honey, especially pears and candied fruit. It is characterised by sweet taste of ripe pineapple,more distinct acids are dominated by piquant lime peel aftertaste.

  • Rheinriesling 2006

    Rheinriesling 2006



    This wine has been made from must created by a very light press of whole bunches of grapes. A noble aroma is a symbiosis of ripe apricots, peaches and candied lime peel. An unexpectedly fresh taste evoking lemon balm and acacia honey. The finish is harmonic, long and mineral. A phenomenal wine with amazing potential.

  • Rheinriesling 2005

    Rheinriesling 2005



    Full-bodied harmonic wine of a fresh character with crystal brilliance. Aroma is dominated by dried apricots, herbal tones of salvia and candied orange peel. Later, aromas of linden honey and even honeycomb add in. A pleasant riesling acid appears in the elegant taste. The aftertaste is long with a gentle mineral finish. An impressive 11-year old riesling with a tertiary dimension.

    National collection of 100 best Slovak wines in 2006 and 2007

  • Rheinriesling 2013 extra

    Rheinriesling 2013 extra


    Full-bodied mineral wine made from well ripened grapes with a high percentage of nobly rotten raisins. Rich herbal aroma and magnificent extractive taste. Extremely long aftertaste. Wine with high maturing potential. A brilliant riesling for experts… A heady wine, intensive and serious.

  • Gewurztraminer 2015

    Gewurztraminer 2015

    Beautiful, exceptional Traminer picked in extremely hot September of 2015. Composed aroma, typically spicy but also evoking honey and tropic fruit. Extractive and harmonic mango and dried fruit taste is in harmony with delicate acids. Full grape finish with mild hints of nucleoli and gooseberries.